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Pension scheme decision-making in Swiss SMEs

Researching the needs, wants, decision-making criterion and the buying center with qualitative interviews

Pension schemes differ widely. It is difficult to establish the exact differences because comparisons are difficult. There are many performance figures and metrics but their meaning is often unclear to non-experts. It is thus cumbersome for SMEs to choose the best pension scheme for their employees.

In this research project, we collaborate with MDR Beratung GmbH, a Swiss SME developing and managing financial databases as well as developing software, to investigate the complex B2B decision-making process for a pension scheme in Swiss SMEs. For this reason, we research the needs, wants, decision-making criterion and buying center, i.e. the different people involved in the decision-making process and their role in the decision-making, by conducting qualitative interviews. From the gathered information, we derive recommendations for MDR Beratung GmbH.

Project Dates

Dr. Simone Griesser
FundingInnosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency
CollaborationMDR Beratung GmbH
DurationAugust 2020 - Januar 2021

Photo: Caroline Hernandez, Unsplash