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Quantification of the effect of road features on driving speed

In this interdisciplinary research project (SVI 2018 / 001), measurement data and experiments in a virtual reality driving simulator are used to investigate how various design elements influence the speed driven.

Compliance with speed limits is a key factor for road safety. The design of the roads and its perception by motorists is of decisive importance in this context.

The research project has the following objectives:

  1. Identification of the design elements of the Swiss road design that most effectively influence the speed selection for different road types.
  2. Quantification of the influence on speed selection of the design elements used in Switzerland by means of speed measurements in the field.
  3. Quantification of the influence of new design elements on speed selection by means of a virtual reality driving simulator experiment.

Based on the results, a toolbox will be developed to support planners in the selection of suitable measures. The aim is to ensure that the speed corresponding to the road situation is driven and adhered to. This leads to an increase in safety and a stabilization of the traffic flow.

Project Dates

Lead and TeamProf. Dr. Dorothea Schaffner (project lead research team FHNW; co-project lead overall project), Kaspar Kaufmann, Denise Kuster, Nora Studer, Philipp Wyss, Okan Yildirimlar

FHNW School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics, Fachbereich Verkehr und Mobilität: Prof. Dr. Alexander Erath (co-project lead overall project); Michael Van Eggermond

FHNW School of Engineering: Prof. Dr. Simon Schubiger; Madlaina Kalunder (Institute for Interactive Technologies)

Rapp Trans Ltd: Yves Gasser, Nina Schweizer
FundingFederal Roads Office FEDRO
DurationAugust 2019 - July 2021