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The role of aesthetics in interface design

Learning apps for young people – digital entertainment for the elderly.

Our interdisciplinary projects are investigating the role played by interface aesthetics in ludic approaches to aiding learning and social interaction.

In our “Myosotis Garden” project, we are developing computer games designed to support communication between older people and their families and thus contribute to social well-being. The focus of this project will be on the games’ aesthetics: what impact do aesthetics and interaction have on a positive and long-lasting game experience? How can this be logged in a standardised way?

Myosotis Garden

In another project, we are researching the effects of interface aesthetics on young people’s experience of learning scientific and technical content using a learning app. The project investigates the degree to which positive emotions, interests and learning success in teenagers are supported by interface aesthetics.


Project Dates

Project lead
Prof. Dr. Carmen Zahn
Project team
David Leisner, Mario Niederhauser, Anna-Lena Roos, Alessia Ruf
SI 18-20 (Myosotis), SI 15-17 (EduNaT)
Cooperation partner   
Hochschule für Technik (Lead Project Myosotis), Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Hochschule für Musik
2018-2020 (Myosotis), 2015-2017 (EduNaT)