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Competency model for personnel assessment and development

Competency models support companies in selecting and developing their employees

Competency models are widespread in business and education and form an important basis for assessing and developing staff competencies. For companies, they are an essential element in staff selection and development. In schools and universities, competency profiles form the basis for developing curricula and measuring educational achievements. What is striking here is the wide variety of models used, which makes it difficult to select and compare them.

The Hogrefe publishing group distributes psychological test methods for occupational, school and clinical diagnostics. To make it easier for test users to choose a suitable diagnostic tool, a practice-based test identification and evaluation system is to be developed in future. This system will be based on a competency model that allows a person’s relevant competencies, and suitable tools for measuring these competencies, to be classified. In an exploratory study, existing competency models were researched, contrasted and tested for their compatibility with a classification system of this kind.

Project Dates

Lead and Team
Prof. Dr. Benedikt Hell, Dr. Katja Pässler
Verlag Hans Huber Hogrefe AG
12/2013 - 03/2014