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Entrepreneur Check

With its philosophy of "sound successful start-ups", this tool helps future entrepreneurs start their own companies.

The "Identifying and promoting entrepreneurial personalities" project was an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from three FHNW schools. The project forms part of the "Entrepreneurship" research and development programme, which seeks to promote entrepreneurial thinking and action in Northwest Switzerland. The "Entrepreneurship" programme is one of four strategic initiatives with which FHNW is tackling the social challenges of our time.

The Entrepreneur Check provides scientifically based feedback on personal strengths and weakness for company founders. The personality module offers feedback on characteristics such as persistence, self-control, resilience, innovative capabilities and a willingness to take risks. The health module looks at dealing with issues such as nutrition and stress as well as exercise and rest.

The feedback on personality profiles offers helpful tips on dealing with the individual's weaknesses. During the evaluation of health-related behaviour, those whose behaviour is placing their entrepreneurial success or their own health at risk are provided with a whole range of specific tips, useful websites and helpful brochures to download.

Project Dates

Lead and Team

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Hell, Prof. Dr. Andreas Krause, Thomas Gatzka, Corina Armoneit, Martial Berset, Marcel Baumgartner

Financed by the FHNW
FHNW School of Business, FHNW Academy of Art and Design
01/2015 - 12/2017


Prof. Dr. Benedikt Hell

to Prof. Dr. Benedikt Hell

Prof. Dr. Andreas Krause

to Prof. Dr. Andreas Krause
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