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Diversity and multiple perspectives in organisations

Dealing with diversity, management and conflicts in companies

Globalisation and the digital transformation have made the world of work more complex and varied. At the same time, the demand for companies and organisations to mediate between a variety of perspectives is growing.

  • We consider the following questions to help you in your search for a solution:
  • How can conflicts be dealt with in such a way that they result in innovation?
  • Which management systems support companies in tackling the increasing complexity of collaborative partnerships?
    How must teams, organisations and professional networks be designed so that they can productively use such a variety of perspectives?


Spin-offs at Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences

to Spin-offs at Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences

Conflict & health in agility

to Conflict & health in agility


Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig

to Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig

Prof. Dr. Albert Vollmer

to Prof. Dr. Albert Vollmer
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