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Conflict & health in agility

In the wake of digital transformation, agile teamwork is increasingly being viewed as the future for workplace cooperation.

 Agile teams operate with a high degree of autonomy, thus increasing the need for cooperation. A key aspect in this is how to deal with conflicts. In order to succeed, agile teams are reliant on balancing out interests quickly, forging positive working relationships and integrating different points of view into their solutions to factual matters – in other words, to deal constructively with conflict. This research project looks at how this can be done successfully and supported methodologically.

The aims are (1) to investigate conflicts and forms of resolution as well as how this relates to mental health; (2) based on this, to develop a scientifically substantiated and practically tested approach, including an inventory of methods for honing conflict-handling skills and promoting mental health, and (3) to devise an organisational strategy for dealing with the issue within companies.

Project Dates

Lead and Team

Prof. Dr. Albert Vollmer (Leitung), Prof. Dr. Andreas Krause (Leitung), Marcel Baumgartner, Ariane Vetter, Anne Maigatter, Jonas Mumenthaler

AXA Winterthur, Basler Versicherungen, Ergon Informatik AG, kernen resource management AG, Tiki-Taka GmbH, Reflection in Action, Osterwalder & Stadler GmbH, CN St. Gallen Academy AG, Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz
10/2017 - 09/2019