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Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation

Diversity is an innovation driver – if the conditions are right! The Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation supports SMEs and large organizations in adopting and fostering diversity in innovation.

Teams in the field of research and development are increasingly focusing on diversity. Internationality and interdisciplinarity are not uncommon in this area. However, there is a lack of women in the field of innovation, especially in natural sciences and technology. Unattractive working conditions affecting work/life balance, stereotypical ideas of competence, and a lack of support from immediate superiors continue to make it difficult for women to gain access to these fields and to pursue successful careers in them.

The measures and instruments provided by the Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation help companies to design their research and innovation departments in a way that allows employees with various characteristics and qualities to contribute and develop their potential.

The toolkit was developed at the Institute for Research and Development of Collaborative Processes at FHNW School of Applied Psychology. Six innovative companies took part in the pilot to develop the toolkit. The Federal Office for Gender Equality has supported the project with financial aid according to the Gender Equality Act.


Project Dates

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig
TeamDorian Mittner, Prof. Dr. Pietro Morandi
FundingFederal Office for Gender Equality
Collaboration partners

Comvation AG
Küffer Elektro-Technik AG
Merkle Switzerland AG (previously Namics AG)
Netcetera AG
ti&m AG
Volvo Car Switzerland AG

Publications (in German)

Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation

Toolkit in English, German and French including a guide for implementation and further background information.