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Socio-technical optimisation of aviation security checkpoints

The use of computer simulation and VR to analyse, evaluate and design aviation security checkpoints.

Aviation security checkpoints at airports can be regarded as socio-technical systems in which people and machines interact in order to achieve the best possible outcomes, e.g. the detection of prohibited items, passenger throughput. The security personnel have a key role to play here. This project finds us working with industry partners (authorities, airports, police organisations, security service providers, technology manufacturers) to analyse and evaluate existing aviation security checkpoints and develop innovative solutions for future checkpoints. Our approach involves combining qualitative and quantitative methods of applied psychology with virtual reality computer simulations.

Project Dates

Lead and Team
Prof. Dr. Adrian Schwaninger, Dr. Sarah Merks and Dr. Yanik Sterchi
Funding Federal government, airports, technology manufacturers
Collaboration Authorities, airports, police organisations, security service providers, technology manufacturers
Duration 01.01.2015 - 31.12.2021

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