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Research is always geared towards international developments. This is why research projects at FHNW are not just organised within the national context of Switzerland but form part of international networks and are carried out in close collaboration with partners.

FHNW researchers thus work with businesses and partners in industry as well as with other universities and institutions, both in Europe and beyond. Many of these collaborative ventures are carried out as part of European framework programmes for research and in some cases they are managed by FHNW researchers.

By undertaking international research activities in this way, FHNW contributes to strengthening the regional economy, the educational sector and society in general. Insights gained are fed back into initial training and continuing education at FHNW.

The relevant publications on the research projects are available through the IRF (Institutional Repository FHNW). You can research the IRF based on specific key words, topics or individuals. In addition to publications, the IRF also contains presentations, specialist contributions, student projects and images as well as audio and video material.

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