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DNA and RNA diagnostics

The genetic information in every organism is mostly contained in the nucleotide sequence. We deal with analysing changes in nucleotide sequences and their consequences.


The genetic information held in DNA and RNA and common to all organisms is largely dictated by the nucleotide sequence. Changes in the nucleotide sequence can have drastic consequences for the organism. Efficient and precise analyses are required in order to diagnose and investigate these consequences. For a more in-depth analysis, we introduce random changes to certain regions of the genome and identify which ones demonstrate a desired phenotype. These analyses are particularly important when it comes to investigating potential resistance to antibiotics.
We analyse both minor (one nucleotide) and major changes (e.g. genetically modified organisms). Correct use of quantitative PCR forms the technical basis for the analyses.



Institute for Chemistry and Bioanalytics

School of Life Sciences FHNW Gründenstrasse 40 CH-4132 Muttenz
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