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Nanomaterials and Surfaces

Material science, nanotechnology, biomaterials and tissue engineering as well as the interaction of cells.

The material science and nanotechnology research group works on investigating new materials and modifying material surfaces using targeted chemical functionalisation. This gives materials completely new properties and influences and optimises the way they interact with their surroundings or, in the case of biomaterials, with cells. Another focus of the research group deals with analysing and characterising materials and their surface properties, using a variety of microscopic, spectroscopic and imaging processes. A knowledge of specific surface properties is especially important since they largely determine the way materials interact with their surroundings.

Alongside technical material aspects, the group works intensively on researching new concepts for better diagnosing tumour cells in brain and ovarian cancers, which involves employing imaging spectroscopy techniques among other things.

The partnership between the institutes within the School of Life Sciences and the excellent national and international network with other research institutes, universities, other universities of applied sciences and companies is key to the success of the research initiatives and leads to close cooperation and joint research projects.


For more information on current projects, please visit our Nanolab website.

NanoLab Projects

Institute for Chemistry and Bioanalytics

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