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Integrated Water Management

Integrated water management develops holistic strategies and planning tools for the sustainable use and protection of water resources while safeguarding from floods.

Providing water in sufficient quantity and quality continuously and affordably to all stakeholder groups and ensuring the environmentally sound disposal of wastewater is one of the biggest challenges worldwide.

The pressure on water resources is increasing and conflicts of interest between uses and protection of the water resources, as well as the protection against flooding are steadily increasing. Support for more sustainable water supplies and an integrated water resources management are our core competencies. We work interdisciplinary and internationally and network with relevant contact groups such as working groups, institutions, companies, water suppliers and waste disposal companies.



This international project analyses in four pilot regions the water reuse practices and opportunities.

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Meso-level eco-efficiency indicators to assess technologies and their uptake in water use sectors.

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GIZ Strategic Alliance for Waterloss Reduction

Drinking water supply demands new, future-oriented approaches to make optimum use of the scarce water resources. The strategic alliance has provided ...

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Development and application of integrated technological and management solutions FOR wasteWATER treatment and efficient reuse in agriculture tailored to the ...

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Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow, an integrated research project driven by the need of transformation and the wish to protect natural ...

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Institute for Ecopreneurship

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