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International Cooperation

Global sustainability requires international cooperation, especially with emerging and developing countries.

International cooperation promotes skills and builds local capacities to effectively and efficiently use one's own resources to address sustainability challenges comprehensively and is one of the core competencies of our working group. Together with national and international networks of public and private partners, we have trained environmental expertise in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa at universities, the public sectors and in companies - be it by offering education and training or implementing joint projects in applied research.

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Abfall und Klima - Dominikanische Republik

Im Bereich klimafreundliche Wirtschaft ist das Ziel Deutschlands, Partnerländer bei dem Aufbau einer Wirtschaftsstruktur zu unterstützen, die den Ausstoss von ...

to Abfall und Klima - Dominikanische Republik

Auswirkungen von Abwassereinleitungen

Rumänisch-schweizerische Forschungsstudie zu den Auswirkungen von Abwassereinleitungen im unteren Einzugsgebiet der Flüsse Bega und Timis.

to Auswirkungen von Abwassereinleitungen


This international project analyses in four pilot regions the water reuse practices and opportunities.

to Coroado

GIZ Strategic Alliance for Waterloss Reduction

Drinking water supply demands new, future-oriented approaches to make optimum use of the scarce water resources. The strategic alliance has provided ...

to GIZ Strategic Alliance for Waterloss Reduction

Lithuanian Swiss Programme „Research And Development“

Significant reductions in non renewable resources consumption and environmental impacts and a shift to renewable resources are still required to achieve the ...

to Lithuanian Swiss Programme „Research And Development“

UNIDO RECP Centre - Ukraine

The Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre (RECP) of Ukraine aims at enhancing the resource productivity, competitiveness and environmental ...

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Institute for Ecopreneurship

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Life Sciences, Institute for Ecopreneurship Hofackerstrasse 30 CH - 4132 Muttenz
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