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This international project analyses in four pilot regions the water reuse practices and opportunities.

Water scarcity due to droughts, insufficient or ineffective supply infrastructure, high demand, degraded water systems, or even due to lack of access in freshwater has emerged as one of the most pressing socio-ecological problems of the 21st century. Extended research indicates that by 2025 more than half of the nations worldwide will face water shortages. Furthermore, climatic uncertainty related scenarios estimate that those conditions might become even worse.

For that reason, the European Union, in collaboration with other areas worldwide, is funding a number of research projects to mitigate water scarcity impacts. In that context, the COROADO Project aims to develop the methodology and the tools in order to solve that pressing issue via the integrated application of water recycling and reuse technologies at selected areas in Latin America. The development of water resources in that area is, in many cases, far from being sustainable and that leaves the continent vulnerable to future changes.

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    Project duration: 2011 - 2015
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    Funding agency: EU / FP7
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