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Resources Management and Circular Economy

The consumption of raw materials is still increasing worldwide leading to an increase in waste flows.

Sustainable resources management searches for solutions and options for the sustainable use of resources such as water, energy and raw materials and tries to implement the concept of a circular economy.

An efficient and effective resources and waste economy that can be financed, is becoming increasingly important for the protection of health, the environment, the climate and the water resources. There are relevant interlinkages with rural and urban planning. Additionally it is paramount to sustain environmental, societal and economic friendly conditions by an orderly waste disposal and an increasing contribution to the supply of raw materials and energy (circular economy and renewable energy).

The group aims to provide conceptual and technical contributions to the following challenges:

  • Development and implementation of an environmentally and socially responsible waste and resource economy
  • Promotion of waste prevention and optimal waste material and energy recovery
  • Improving sanitation and waste management in cities in developing countries

Our solutions help to conserve material and energy resources as much as feasible and optimize their uses. To find optimal solutions we analyse the situation develop options and assess the eco-efficiency and financial feasibility Beside technical and scientific issues, we also look at environmental and market aspects, such as the introduction of incentive schemes that increase the market prices of natural resources and thereby make resource-efficient behavior financially attractive.


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Institute for Ecopreneurship

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