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Medical Rapid Prototyping

Virtual operation planning – intraoperative template.

Based on segmented CD or MRI images, but also on optically scanned-in skin surfaces, complex operative interventions can be virtually planned in cooperation with surgeons.


In the process, the surgeon can actively use the virtual scalpel or a virtual bone cutter and palpably work on the patient's anatomy. The preparatory virtual involvement with the patient simultaneously aids in the planning of the intraoperative access and of the operational strategy. Renowned surgeons have confirmed these advantages based on numerous mutually planned surgical interventions.

Diverse surgical instruments suggest themselves for the transfer of planned surgical interventions to the patients. Among them are, e.g., intraoperatively applicable templates as attachable templates for the determination of the removal site of autologous bone transplants.

The design of patient-specific implants, such as cranial plates or reconstructions in the facial area is another possibility of the virtual planning of surgical interventions. In the process, both unilateral and bilateral defects can be rectified.

Data Fomat

  • CT/MRI: DICOM Standard on CD-ROM or DVD
  • 3D Scans: ASCII pointclouds or STL


  • Universitätsspital Basel
  • Kantonsspital Aarau
  • Universitätsspital Lausanne
  • Universitätsspital Cluj-Napoca, Rumänien
  • Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel


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