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Projects of the Institute for Pharma Technology.

Our Highlights

Tablets: ice cold, bone dry and lightning fast

Researchers from the HLS Institute for Pharma Technology, in cooperation with Rohrer AG in Möhlin, have developed a new manufacturing process for tablets that ...

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Robot assistance in the laboratory

A great many experiments are required before a medicinal substance can become a finished drug. Researchers must find the best combination of stabilisers and ...

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Beer: good health!

Beer is one of our most important drinks, both economically and culturally: the Swiss drank over 460 million litres of beer in 2015. It isn’t often said that ...

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A race against time

Whether or not a drug helps, depends on more than just its active ingredient. That ingredient first has to get to the place where it needs to work. The new ...

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Institute for Pharma Technology

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