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Research Academy of Music, Klassik

We have three practice-led research priorities.

Research areas

Our practice-led research activities reflect the School's three fields of specialist expertise:

19th century music

to 19th century music

New and Contemporary Music

to New and Contemporary Music

Music Pedagogy Research

to Music Pedagogy Research

As well as an in-depth academic exploration of myriad forms of action and thinking within the music field, our research work involve developing innovative teaching and research concepts (all forms of media, hardware and software). Research & Development opens up new horizons and enables the Basel School of Music to build a valuable network of regional, national and international partners from other institutions and disciplines, including the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and the University of Basel.

Artistic research informs all our projects. With artistic practice at their core, these projects investigate the artistic experience, its reflective contextualisation and continuation. In many instances, they are conducted through the medium of art. The main objectives of our research activities are a) to formulate, discuss and apply knowledge which is rooted in the artistic process ("tacit knowledge"); b) to create, together with our partners, knowledge that exceeds the boundaries of our specialist expertise.

In-depth exposure to and investigation of both historical and present-day concepts yields new artistic realities. We use and share our research findings in a variety of ways: academic articles and publications, conferences, teaching resources, as well as new intrepretations, improvisations, compositions, performances, exhibitions and media art, to name but a few. One aspect that all of our research work shares is their forward-looking character. Not only does research open up new artistic possibilities, it is also a tangible commitment to ensuring a bright and vibrant future for music.

News and Events

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