Engineered nanoparticles and interfaces for modulation and monitoring of biological systems.

Nanoparticles precisely engineered at the nanoscale have emerged as novel therapeutic and diagnostic agents due to their unique physicochemical properties (e.g. optical, magnetic, electronic, etc.) that are dictated by their size, shape, composition, surface; and can be customized for the desired biological targets and functions. With applications ranging from imaging and detection probes to nanocarriers for (bio)therapeutics delivery, engineered nanoparticles can give unprecedented information on the chemical and physical processes that take place in biological systems, and enable targeted therapeutic interventions.
In the group of BioInterfaces, we aim to address currently unmet biomedical needs in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of disease with engineered nanoparticles tailored for the desired biological targets and functions. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach at the interface between materials chemistry, nanotechnology, and biology for bench-to-bedside development of optical and magnetic detection probes, (pre-)clinical imaging agents, and drug delivery systems based on inorganic and polymeric nanoparticles. We study the diagnostic and therapeutic performance of these nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo using advanced imaging and cell culture techniques and disease models.

Prof.Dr. Oya Tagit, Head of the Group
Anamarija Nikoletc, PhD candidate
Dr. Evangelos Natsaridis, Postdoc
Dr. Bhaskar Gurram, Postdoc
Diana Schweizer, Research Assistant
Maria Camilla Operti, PhD candidate (Radboudumc, Netherlands)

M-SLS-MSc 0223 Molecular and Translational Imaging

M-SLS-F Biomarker

01 Mar 2023: A heartfelt welcome to our new member Anamarija! She is a PhD candidate funded by SNI.

15 Feb 2023: A heartfelt welcome to Evangelos! He will be developing strategies to eliminate antibiotic-resistant infections.

01 Feb 2023: A short piece by Prof.Dr. Tagit on theranostic nanoparticles is published online:

Happy holidays!

01.11.2022: Dr. Bhaskar Gurram joins the BioInterfaces Group as a postdoc. A heartfelt welcome to Bhaskar!

14.09.2022: Prof.Dr. Tagit gives an invited talk at the Biointerfaces International Conference in Zurich

01.09.2022: Our PhD project on ‘Multi-compartment nanofactories for on-site and on-demand drug synthesis and delivery’ is funded by the Swiss Nanoscience Institute!

13.08.2022: A new paper on Translating the Manufacture of Immunotherapeutic PLGA Nanoparticles from Lab to Industrial Scale: Process Transfer and In Vitro Testing published in Pharmaceutics. Many congratulations to Camilla!

01.08.2022: Prof.Dr. Tagit joins the Executive Committee of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute,

01.04.2022: FHNW welcomes the BioInterfaces Group!

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