Research groups

Molecular bioanalytics, cell biology and toxicology

DNA and RNA Diagnostics
Prof. Dr. Eric Kübler

The genetic information in every organism is mostly contained in the nucleotide sequence. We deal with analysing changes in nucleotide sequences and their consequences.

Protein Characterisation & Engineering
Prof. Dr. Georg Lipps

Proteins, and enzymes in particular, are pivotal to a cell’s function. Protein engineering allows proteins to be optimised for technical applications.

In vitro Diagnostics
Prof. Dr. Dominik Meinel

In vitro Diagnostics is a service for patients involving the early identification, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Cell Biology and in vitro Toxicology
Prof. Dr. Laura Suter-Dick

We employ cell cultures and tissue engineering in our research in order to investigate diseases and the efficacy and toxicity of substances.

Chemistry and natural products

Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Daniel Varón Silva

Design, synthesis and modification of natural products and biomolecules for medical research.


Instrumental Analytics
Prof. Dr. Stefan Gaugler

Our team works with a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies and corresponding applications in labs kitted out with the latest equipment.

Nano-particles and surfaces: chemistry, biology and imaging

Prof. Dr. Oya Tagit

Engineered nanoparticles and interfaces for modulation and monitoring of biological systems.

Polymer Chemistry & Biomaterials
Prof. Dr. Renzo Raso

Material science, nanotechnology, biomaterials and tissue engineering as well as the interaction of cells.

Molecular Nanotechnology
Prof. Dr. Patrick Shahgaldian

Bottom-up design of nanomaterials for molecular recognition and (bio)catalysis.


Innovative synthesis, modification & characterization of surfaces, hard and soft materials, hydrogels, vesicles, and colloids.

Reaction technology

Process Engineering and Technology
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Riedl

Process engineering and technology teaches, develops, pilot tests and optimises technical processes from life science industries.

Reaction technology, process safety, process modelling and physical chemistry
Prof. Dr. Andreas Zogg

Process development and scale-up including thermal process safety. Development of new prototype reactors in Miniplant scale for the development of chemical processes as well as small scale production.

Data Science in Life Sciences

Data Science in Life Sciences
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Kahraman

Development of computational and machine learning algorithms and implementation of databases for knowledge representation and discovery in the life sciences.