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Projects, BioInterfaces

Multi-compartment nanofactories for on-site and on demand drug synthesis and delivery

We develop compartmentalized vesicles with internal compartments that can be triggered independently and selectively to release their cargo. Libraries of novel stimuli-responsive block co-polymers are prepared for vesicle formation, and release is actuated by external stimulus such as light, magnetic field, etc.

Projects, BioInterfaces

Nanocarriers for mRNA therapeutics

Combining the stability of polymers with transfection efficiency of lipids, we developed polymer-lipid hybrid nanoparticles, which can be stored as lyophilized powder and display long-term storage stability also in suspension. Lyophilization does not impair transfection efficiency.

Projects, BioInterfaces

Nanomedicine and theranostics

Diverse nanoparticle formulations based on polymers, lipids, and combinations thereof, loaded with (bio)therapeutics such as antimicrobial peptides, small molecule drugs, and nucleic acids are developed to combat infectious diseases and cancer. We further develop inorganic nanoparticles (metal and semiconductor) and drug-conjugated luminescent probes with cleavable linkers for simultaneous therapy and…

Projects, BioInterfaces

Tailor-made nanoparticles

Using top-down and bottom-up synthesis, encapsulation, surface engineering, and bioconjugation approaches, we develop nanoparticles with precisely defined and controlled size, morphology, composition, and surface functionality, and tailor them for the desired biological targets and functions.