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Immobilization of Enzymes

Layer-by-Layer (LbL) coatings can be used to immobilize enzymes on surfaces. Using this technique (A), the enzyme laccase was immobilized ....

Projects, Molecular Nanotechnology


In FuturEnzyme, a multi-disciplinary and multi-actor consortium of 16 leading academic and industrial partners will develop technologies of the FUTURe for low-cost ENZYMEs for environment-friendly products. The high-tech enzyme development platform will use big biodata mining of both public and internal databases and bio-resources, and disruptive machine learning, activity-based bioprospecting, protein engineering, nano-biotechnology, upscale fermentation, and downstream processing systems...

Projects, Molecular Nanotechnology


INGREEN is an EU-funded project that will produce functional innovative ingredients from paper and agro-food by-products through sustainable and efficient tailor-made biotechnological processes for food, feed, pharma and cosmetics...