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The new lecture series of the Institute of Visual Communication presents a series of communication, design, and art practices meandering between analog and digital processes. The outcomes of these individual journeys pose the question, in which sense there is materiality in digital environments, and in which form the digital can appear in materialized objects.

Elise Co is a multimedia designer, programmer, and principal of Aeolab, a design+technology consultancy she co-founded with Nikita Pashenkov. At Aeolab, the two specialize in crossing boundaries, from online to in-person, physical to digital, often spanning multiple technologies and always within the context of creating a compelling experience. Prototyping is the core of Aeolab’s design process. Co has helped design LED display visualizations, hand-powered electronic prototypes, robotic appliances, and multi-screen kinetic installations for clients such as Honda, BMW, Sony, Samsung, and Disney. Co holds an MS degree in Media Arts and Sciences and a BS degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During her time at the MIT Media lab, Co explored the synthesis of fashion and technology. Her work has been featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, SIGGRAPH conferences, the International Media Research Foundation in Tokyo, and the New York Art Directors Club.

Lecture starts at 5:15pm CET
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28.4.2021, 17:15–19:00 Uhr iCal


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