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The new lecture series of the Institute of Visual Communication presents a series of communication, design, and art practices meandering between analog and digital processes. The outcomes of these individual journeys pose the question, in which sense there is materiality in digital environments, and in which form the digital can appear in materialized objects.

Jimena Croceri (based in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a visual artist who uses diverse media. Her artistic practice is characterized by intention and experiment, by resistance and fluidness. In a laboratory method which isn’t either rational or sterile but more curious than precise her work consists of various elements which are all protagonists: time, chance, collaboration, correlation and coincidence - they don’t diminish authorship but neither do they foreground it. Producing collective knowledge with others around her (humans and no humans) have been very important for her practice for the last years. Using both daily materials and naturally occurring elements her work probes soft spots between gestures and rituals wich became new methods for performance drawings or sonic compositions.

She completed a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at the National University of Art in Buenos Aires. She also participated in the Art program at Torcuato Di Tella University (2013) and was a scholar at the Center for Artistic Research of Buenos Aires (2014). In 2016 she received a travel grant from the Oxenford collection to conduct research in the Brazilian Amazon and was the artist in residence at FLORA ars+natura in Bogotá, Colombia in 2018. In 2018 she worked as a fellow at the exchange program «Coincidencia» by Pro Helvetia in Switzerland. In 2020 she received the Pernod Ricard Fellowship at the Villa Vassilieff in Paris.

Lecture starts at 5:15pm CET
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17.3.2021, 17:15–20:00 Uhr iCal


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