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Educating otherwise: Exclusion through inclusion

Exclusion through inclusion: The workings of institutional normativities and their camouflage in Higher Art Education – Evening lecture with Sophie Vögele in the framework of the continued education program “Educating Otherwise”.

This talk looks into how inequality spells out within art schools and addresses institutionalized processes of discriminating structures and modes. I will thereby elaborate how inclusionary and exclusionary practices during the admissions process are inherently linked to norms of aesthetic culture, regimes of Higher Education and historically anchored power relations on a local as well as global scale. Indeed, in the field of Higher Art Education, it becomes apparent that thorough selection and structural circumstances lead to a limited representation of the student body. Societal diversity in terms of class, race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality and body remain concealed. In my talk, I would like to identify an institutional normativity that has the effect of a structural exclusion through processes of inclusion. I will show how within fields of tensions and contradictions a camouflage if discriminating structures occurs through the constant urge to normalize. I thereby refer to empirical data from our study “Art.School.Differences. Researching Inequalities and Normativities in the field of Higher Art Education” (

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Sophie Vögele has a background in anthropology and Gender Studies (University of Basel, Heidelberg and Geneva) and was affiliated to the doctoral programme in sociology at York University Toronto for several years where she also taught. She is a member of the doctoral school in philosophy at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. Her research focusses on social inequality, processes of Othering, and the location of critique within Higher Education and in the field of the arts. Currently, she has a position as a senior researcher in Art Education at the Department of Cultural Analysis, ZHdK with selected teaching assignments. Since 2019, she namely takes responsibility in developing and positioning Research in Art Education ZHdK nationally and internationally within a team-leadership.


Datum und Zeit

1.10.2020, 17:30–19:30 Uhr iCal


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Meeting ID: 959 0249 0649
Passcode: EduOther

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Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel

Dreispitz Basel / Münchenstein

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