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Ethics and Technology Vol. 2

Series of short B/W films and reading of "Calculation ad Division of Labour by Lorraine Daston" at the Critical Media Lab

In our second istallment of the ethics and technology series we will be joined by the Blasphemic Reading Soirée friends for an evening of collective reading and watching, discussing the relationship between humans, machines and labour. We will attempt to organically switch between reading and watching, between producing and consuming.

The chosen movies will attempt to shine a light on how the development of the camera led to the advancement in management, specially in regards to taylorism; while the reading will give us a glimpse into the transformation of the cognitive ability of calculation into its mechanical counterpart: computation

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Datum und Zeit

22.04.2022 19:00 - Open End iCal


Critical Media Lab D.3.01

Institut Experimentelles Design und Medienkulturen (IXDM)

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Institut Experimentelles Design und Medienkulturen (IXDM) Hochhaus: D 3.01 Freilager-Platz 1 4142 Münchenstein b. Basel
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