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Tall Poppies at the Museum

Im Rahmen der virtuellen Konferenz "At Museums Next: Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit" spricht Dorothée King über "Inspiring ideas and case studies from those championing health and wellbeing in museums".

"A chain is always as strong as its weakest link. A museum is only as strong as the individuals working for the museum. When each and every individual is seen, valued, and supported in their own organisation; if we all contribute with our individual talents and goals, the organisation will develop strengthened and authentically, and all our partners will benefit. In such an atmosphere, everybody grows beyond the structures of the organisation, and simultaneously enjoys JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). Instead of trend hopping inside and outside the museum, everybody contributes with their own skills and interests in authentic strength."

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Datum und Zeit

02.02.2022 15:15 - Open End iCal


Institut Vermittlung von Kunst und Design (IADE)

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Institut Vermittlung von Kunst und Design (IADE) Ateliergebäude: A 1.18 Oslo-Strasse 3 4142 Münchenstein b. Basel
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