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SwissRapide AG

The train that flies – future-oriented mobility solutions

SwissRapide AG offers a new generation of innovative and sustainable transport systems based on magnetic levitation (Maglev) railway technology for Switzerland and other countries worldwide seeking future-oriented mobility solutions. SwissRapide Maglev systems are environmentallyfriendly while providing excellent long-term returns on investment.

The SwissRapide Maglev system has the following advantages over conventional high-speed railway systems:

  • Ultra-speed: 2 to 3 times faster point-to-point connections.
  • Energy efficient: 25 percent less energy consumption at 300 km/h.
  • Environmentally friendly: 50 percent less noise emissions at 300 km/h.
  • Punctuality: fully automated, highly reliable and punctual operations.
  • Cost efficient: 5 times lower maintenance and operating costs.
  • Smart urban planning: requires 6 times less land.

In an effort to provide a better mobility for intercity and airport link passenger transport, we have completed feasibility studies, including detailed business cases for the following Maglev railway projects in Switzerland:

  • SwissRapide Express Central, Berne – Zurich in 20 minutes;
  • SwissRapide Express East, Zurich – Winterthur in 8 minutes;
  • SwissRapide Express West, Lausanne – Geneva in 10 minutes.

We choose our Maglev projects worldwide in order to ensure solid business cases while providing attractive, cleantech mobility solutions. SwissRapide AG is currently open to investments providing excellent long-term RIOs, as well as potential share value gains of up to 400 percent in the coming years.

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