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Yves Citton: Collapsonaut Attention (PDF)

Jacopo Rasmi: All All That is Solid melts into Air. The Atmosphere as Living Space and Visual Field (PDF)

Andreas Rigling Wie viel Trockenheit ertragen unsere Wälder? Lehren aus extremen Trockenjahren / How much drought can our forests endure? Lessons from extreme drought years. (German text/English abstract:

Yvonne Volkart: Spürtechniken. Von den Medien der «Naturvermittlung» zu den Ästhetiken des Spürens, in: Jahrbuch HGK FHNW: Future Sense, Basel: Christoph Merian-Verlag 2020, S. 144-151 (PDF)

Yvonne Volkart: Techno-Ecofeminism. Nonhuman Sensations in Technoplanetary Layers«, in: Sollfrank, Cornelia (ed): The Beautiful Warriors. Technofeminist Practices in the 21. Century, Minor Compositions: Colchester/New York/Port Watson 2020, p. 111-135:

Yvonne Volkart: Ecodata–Ecomedia–Eco-Aesthetics, in exhibition catalogue Eco-Visionaries. Art, Architecture, and New Media After the Anthropocene, ed. by Pedro Gadanho, Ostfildern-Ruit 2018, S. 110-127 (PDF)

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