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Module description - Project 6 Energy and Environmental Engineering (Bachelor Thesis)
(Projekt 6 Energie- und Umwelttechnik Bachelor Thesis)

ECTS 12.0
Level advanced
Overview In their profession, energy and environmental engineers often work as project managers for small to medium energy and environmental projects. In project 6 (bachelor’s thesis), students apply the knowledge from their studies and chosen area of concentration in a major assignment for an external customer or an internal research institute.

The thesis is carried out as an independent work. Project management and project activities are handled, documented and presented both professionally and methodically. The level of this work corresponds to the requirements expected of engineers with a Bachelor’s level by industry or business enterprises, public authorities or NGOs.
Learning objectives

  • Students can independently plan, carry out, document and successfully complete high-profile projects.
  • Students can confidently and competently present and defend the project results before experts and a professional audience.
  • Students can reflect and optimize their project behavior.
Previous knowledge

    Full- and Part-time students:
  • completed EUT project 5 (pro5U)
  • simultaneously visit specific modules in their chosen field of study
    Part-time students working in an EUT profession:
  • completed EUT project 5 (pro5U) and P4bb
  • earned at least 120 credits in the course of their studies
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
Additional information Examples of P6 projects and posters can be found on the webpage: Projekte
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