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Module description - Intercultural Competency
(Interkulturelle Kompetenz)

ECTS 2.0
Level Intermediate
Content In professional life, effective communication and collaboration are key skills. In the globalized world of work, different people and groups increasingly come together, both virtually and locally. Different people perceive the world differently. Their thinking, feeling and acting is not only personal but deeply influenced by culture. Intercultural competence is firstly the ability to detect this cultural imprint in everyday life, also in oneself. Secondly, interculturally competent people can use the information and insights gained to communicate and interact effectively and appropriately across different languages and cultures. Thirdly, intercultural competence includes the ability to reflect responsibly on power relations in intercultural contexts.

The intercultural learning process requires time, courage and patience, as it presupposes a willingness to engage with others and oneself both critically and in depth.
Learning outcomes Students understand the process of cultural imprinting and its effects in an intercultural context.

Students will recognize situations where intercultural competence is necessary for effective communication and collaboration, especially in the work environment.

Students will be able to apply adequate strategies to overcome intercultural challenges and furthermore to creatively use the potential of cultural diversity to achieve common goals.
Evaluation Mark
Modultype Portfolio Module
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