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Module description - Data Storytelling
(Storytelling mit Daten)

ECTS 2.0
Level Intermediate
Content Data alone can sometimes be dry, lifeless and incomprehensible. In order to bring it closer to a specific target audience, it must be prepared in a suitable form, structured in a coherent manner and communicated in an appealing way. The understanding of content-related assertions and analytical results depends decisively on how they are communicated. In "storytelling", the focus is on developing catchy, convincing and audience-friendly forms of communication for data. A data set and its components should be packed into a story, provided with a message and thus brought to life.
Learning outcomes Structure
Students can analyze their audience and communicate them in a way that is appropriate for their addressees.They know the elements of a "narrative with data" and are able to develop their own data and evaluations into a "story" for the purpose of communicating them to unknown third parties.

Students know the advantages and disadvantages of different chart types and understand how graphics must be structured in order to achieve maximum comprehensibility. They are familiar with different forms of arrangement and presentation (from step-by-step discussion of static charts to exploration of complex and interactive charts, to scrollytelling) and are able to choose suitable forms for their own data visualizations.

Students know support a reader (or listener) with written (or spoken) text when in taking in graphic information. They know the essential elements needed to introduce and discuss data and their visualizations and are able to implement such elements in their own projects.
Evaluation Mark
Modultype Portfolio Module
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