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Module description - Leadership

ECTS 2.0
Specification "You join a company, you leave a boss": Knowing and developing your own leadership behavior and its effect on individuals, teams and organizations.
Level Intermediate
Content "Leadership" is a multifaceted term. Especially in today's globalized, digitized and multicultural environment, the demands on managers have changed fundamentally. Keywords such as agility, decentralized (virtual) or temporary teams may illustrate this as an example.

Many FHNW graduates will take on management tasks in one form or another in the future. This as a project manager or in the form of a line function. The successful handling of complex management situations becomes a key factor for companies as well as for one's own career.

The students get to know methods and instruments based on three different leadership approaches. At the same time, they are given the opportunity to delve deeper into a model.
Learning outcomes My leadership profile

The students know the characteristics of their personal leadership qualities.

The results are based on an evaluated questionnaire reflected together with a navigate coach.

Principles and concepts of leadership

The students know the basics of leadership, different leadership styles and their importance for teams.

This is done using the example of three different common leadership concepts.

Deepening a leadership approach:

The students deepen a chosen leadership approach. As a team, they deal with its background.

As a basis for the oral final presentation (proof of performance), they create a common template.
Evaluation Testate
Modultype Portfolio Module
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