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Digital Trust

The Digital Trust competence center is committed to research and education in the fields of cybersecurity & resilience, data privacy, governance, risk & compliance (GRC), ethics as well as related new technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence or quantum computing.

We are an academic partner for interested stakeholders, reaching from managers to technology and industry experts as well as researchers aiming to share knowledge and best practices. In the past, we have successfully led and conducted applied research projects resulting in impactful artifacts for academia and practice. We have extensive experience with a diverse range of projects, including fundings from InnoSuisse, Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, Hasler, or Movetia.

In addition to our educational offerings as part of the FHNW’s bachelor’s and masters’ programs, we provide bootcamps, elective courses, innovative learning tools, and serious games. These educational programs are designed to enhance our students’ learning experience and provide them with practical skills that they can apply in their careers. Furthermore, we supervise talented students on project and initiatives dealing with relevant research questions in the field of digital trust.

Digital Trust is the “trustworthiness of digital technologies and data”.

Digital Trust is the basis of the digital economy – regardless of which technologies or applications are involved and which data are processed. In the end, it is about treating digital data in a trustworthy manner so that we as private individuals or business partners can expect the highest possible level of protection and companies can (and want to) guarantee this.

Digital Trust is important for Switzerland as a competitive location! We use the proven concepts from governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) as well as from auditing as guiding principles.

We have divided Digital Trust into five main areas: 

5th Digital Trust Days

5th Digital Trust Days

If you are a SME owner or employee, researcher, enthusiast or in any other way interested in cybersecurity in the region, you’re welcome to attend the next event on 13th May 2024. Participation is free but limited. Let us know you will be there!

More information

Our team of experts conduct research on a diverse range of topics within these areas, exploring new ideas and developing innovative solutions to complex challenges. To give you a glimpse into our ongoing and past work, we have compiled a selection of some of our current and completed projects.

Collaborate with us: Explore Our Project Expertise

If you are interested in collaborating and exchanging with us, we welcome the opportunity to get in contact. Our team is passionate about exploring new ideas and discovering innovative solutions to complex problems, and we are always seeking new opportunities to apply our expertise. If you would like to discuss a potential project or learn more about our capabilities, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Further Information Digital Trust Competence Center


Prof. Dr. Petra Maria Asprion
Prof. Dr. Petra Maria Asprion

Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems

Telephone +41 61 279 17 48 (direct)
Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider
Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider

Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems

Telephone +41 61 279 17 54 (direct)

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