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Research and Services / Consulting


The Institute for Information Systems (IWI) works on current research issues in many fields of business informatics. National and international collaborations as well as research projects reflect our research activities. Through these research activities, we gather current knowledge from which Swiss companies and administrations benefit in joint projects. Our research provides also an important basis for teaching in the Master Programmes and for our Continuing Education Programmes.

The teams of our Competence Centers conduct application-oriented research that is on the pulse of time. In addition, we moderate an exchange among interested experts. In this way, we transfer knowledge and at the same time create a network through which we continuously develop our research.

Service / Consulting

We developed a number of standardised consulting products from our daily research, teaching and consulting activities. They are practice-tested, and characterised by an attractive cost-benefit ratio. Experts from the Institute of Information Systems help, for example, to develop IT or E-Business strategies, to optimise business processes, to structure company information or to design concepts for document management. Companies, non-profit organisations and administrations appreciate our advices as well.

Contact for research topics

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hanne
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hanne Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems
Telephone +41 62 957 22 92 (direct)

Contact for services

Achim Dannecker
Achim Dannecker Lecturer, Institute for Information Systems
Telephone +41 61 279 17 96 (direct)

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