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Technology-Driven Business Models

How can new trends and technologies e.g., gadgets, AR/VR and robots be integrated in the business world for practical, efficient and sustainable solutions? The aim of this research area is to investigate new trends and technologies and to identify and develop company-relevant applications and information systems. Our research extends over the pure company demands and additionally highlights willingness for technology, applicability and consumer-inclusion. Research and development of new technologies and trends influence knowledge transfer between practical partners and research for the integration of the most recent results within the company context.

With the help of showcases and workshops for our partners and students of the Bachelor and Master programmes of the School of Business, we are able to identify the demand for the application of new technologies in different sectors. We have launched numerous projects und we support our students in the development of functional prototypes within their theses.

Examples of Theses

  • AR application in Digital cultural tourism
  • Decision support systems in AR for mountain tourism
  • Extended Strategic Management Visualizations in VR
  • E-banking interfaces in VR
  • Geographical Data Visualization in VR
  • Improving robot’s speech recognition
  • Making Clever Robots with Computational Intelligence
  • Social side of social robots
  • Voice navigation methods in VR

Social Media Institute for Information Systems