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12.5.2022 | School of Business

AAAI 2022 Spring Symposium

The AAAI 2022 Spring Symposium Series took place at Stanford University from 21 – 23 March and featured several remarkable contributions from researchers, students and alumni of the FHNW School of Business.

The symposium «Machine Learning and Knowledge Engineering for Hybrid Intelligence» (AAAI-MAKE) was organised and co-chaired by Prof. Dr. Knut Hinkelmann and Dr. Andreas Martin. The symposium focused on combining machine learning and knowledge engineering in order to contribute to hybrid intelligence systems.

emanuele group.jpg

From left to right: Martin Peraic, Emanuele Laurenzi, Knut Hinkelmann, Ryan Prater.

Among other international researchers, Ryan Prater, alumnus of the MSc Business Information Systems, presented the paper «A Hybrid Intelligent Approach for the Support of Higher Education Students in Literature Discovery» (co-authored by Dr. Emanuele Laurenzi) and Martin Peraic, student in the MSc Business Information Systems, presented the paper «Using the Strategy Design Pattern for Hybrid AI System Design» (co-authored by Dr. Stephan Jüngling). Both described the experience as a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.

At the symposium «How Fair Is Fair? Achieving Wellbeing AI», Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel presented two papers: «The SPACE THEA Project» (co-authored by FHNW alumnus Martin Spathelf) was awarded 2nd place at the Best Presentation Awards, and the paper «Should Social Robots in Retail Manipulate Customers?» (co-authored by FHNW alumna Liliana Alves) came in 3rd place.


The symposium «How Fair Is Fair? Achieving Wellbeing AI» was organised by Takashi Kido and Keiki Takadama and partially hosted remotely from Japan.


Congratulations on these outstanding achievements!

Further information

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