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28.4.2022 | School of Business

DCCTS: A Blockchain-Based Solution for the Swiss and European Space Industry

Researchers at the FHNW School of Business have developed a new application to streamline the management of certifications in a complex engineering environment.

The Decentralized Component Certificate Tracking System (DCCTS) provides an
open and secure solution to the certification and documentation challenges in the space industry. In the absence of a unified approach to collecting, managing and forwarding certifications to components, parts and materials that find their way into space products, each company has its own solution and dedicates expensive engineering hours to tedious bureaucratic tasks.

Thanks to its modular blockchain framework and open-source approach, DCCTS can easily and safely be integrated into existing IT landscapes, allowing storing and sharing certifications and documentations electronically.

In this video, Pascal Moriggl and Petra Asprion give insights into their research and its application in the space industry.