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15.1.2024 | School of Business

«Do It Now, Keep Going And Enjoy The Ride»

Henry William Tran, 29, has a background in electrical and mechanical engineering and works for Komax AG, a market and technology leader in automated wire processing, in Lucerne, Switzerland. He joined the Swiss-Asian MBA for various reasons.

Developing leadership skills, understanding how to manage teams, and gaining insights into global business practices were Henry’s main goals when he joined the programme one and half years ago. For him, signing up for the Swiss-Asian MBA was a strategic move to advance his career, potentially opening doors to roles connecting mechanical engineering to business administration. Additionally, Henry sought to explore entrepreneurship, nurturing his dream of starting a business in the future. Overall, he saw the MBA as a pathway to both personal and professional growth.


The Swiss-Asian MBA – the perfect match

One key factor that drew Henry to the Swiss Asian MBA programme is its flexibility. With online classes on Saturday, the programme allows him to seamlessly integrate his studies with his busy work schedule. This flexibility is a crucial element, ensuring that pursuing an MBA does not require a significant reduction in his work hours: «The lessons are normally held on Saturday mornings which is perfect for me, because I work full time from Monday to Friday.»

The programme’s emphasis on Asia aligns perfectly with Henry's background. Having worked in Singapore for almost four years and with an interest in Asian markets, this focus provides him with insights and skills directly relevant to his career aspirations and his personal background: «I saw that FHNW offered the Swiss-Asian MBA. As an Asian born in Switzerland and having worked in Singapore, I thought that the Swiss-Asian MBA is basically the perfect match for me.”

The diverse network offered by the programme is definitely one of its standout features. Henry finds immense value in connecting internationally with professionals from various industries and backgrounds. This network not only enriches his learning experience, but also provides a global perspective and potential future opportunities: «The network is really great. I got to know many interesting people in Shanghai and met some of them in person.»

Relevance of the Chinese market

With Komax having a subsidiary in Shanghai, Henry is currently working on a master thesis that focuses on developing a conceptual framework for the successful implementation of service centres and repair hubs globally, but with a special focus on Shanghai. Henry emphasizes the relevance of his research in the rapidly evolving Chinese market, driven by post-COVID-19 innovations. His master thesis reflects a fusion of his mechanical engineering background with a keen interest in business administration.

Henry’s recommendation

Balancing work, studies, and personal life demands considerable effort, particularly in terms of managing the time for assignments. Despite these challenges, Henry finds the programme's flexibility crucial: «Thanks to the rolling intake, I could start two weeks after registering for the programme. I recommend to others who intend to do an MBA, do it now, keep going, and enjoy the ride.»

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