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“Keep it up – your commitment will pay off”

Focus, motivation and dedication are the ingredients that make studying at a University of Applied Sciences into a success story. Florian Bammatter’s professional career is living proof.

Already during his commercial professional baccalaureate, Florian Bammatter had decided that this would only be step one of his career journey. From the numerous possibilities for young people to choose an educational path, Florian decided on studying Business Administration at FHNW. Crucial for his decision was the pronounced practical orientation of the study programme. He has not regretted his choice: “Today, I would choose this study course again”.

After his graduation in 2010, Florian pursued a career in auditing. At PwC, he worked with customers in the fields of trade and industry and finished his auditor’s diploma as Swiss CPA. After seven years in auditing, he changed sides and started as Corporate Accountant at Straumann, a giant in dental technology. In November, he took over the role as Regional Controller Europe.


Over the course of his professional career, Florian benefitted from the experience and the knowhow he gained during his studies: “Thanks to the wide range of topics we covered in the study programme, I was able to gather a broad knowledge that still helps me today, for example in discussions with my colleagues from marketing.” Additionally, his exchange semester in Canada let Florian expand his horizon and gain a deeper understanding of cultural differences. Not a bad skill when working for a global player such as Straumann.
Equally as important for Florian are the numerous practical projects and the international experience he gained, among others as part of Insight China, are the many friendships that started during his studies and that are still going strong years after graduation.

Florian still kept in touch with FHNW as an alumnus. As a guest lecturer in the field of auditing, he shared his knowledge and his practical experience with a new generation of students, thus ensuring the practical orientation that was of vital importance to him when he chose his studies. He also wants to share his key takeaway from his time at FHNW: “Never lose focus on the essentials and always keep it up – your commitment will pay off (sooner or later).”

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