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“My semester abroad was a once in a lifetime experience”

With his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (International Management) from FHNW, Florian Georg laid the foundation for an impressive career in international finance.

During his studies and after his graduation from the FHNW School of Business in 2016, Florian worked at the Bank for International Settlements before starting a Master’s in Finance and Banking at the University of Bath (UK). He then joined a summer internship programme at Goldman Sachs in London. After his successful internship, he started his current position at Goldman Sachs’ Securites Division on the Securitization desk.

Florian, why did you decide at the time to enrol at FHNW and in particular to the BSc Business Administration (International Management)?
I was interested in studying abroad, so the mandatory exchange semester made this programme very appealing to me. I also liked the curriculum in general and the opportunity to study in English.


How did your time at FHNW prepare you for your career?
FHNW provides valuable flexibility during its programmes. I appreciated the fact that I could work part-time while studying. This helped me prepare for my career after university. In addition, the international network of the School of Business allows hundreds of students to study abroad each year – and I was one of them. My semester abroad in Hong Kong has been a once in a lifetime experience for which I am very grateful.

What was your personal highlight of the study programme?
In the third year, I was part of the international students project Insight China. The project work, fundraising and the onsite seminar in China are some of my most cherished memories from my time at FHNW.

What recommendations would you give to current and future students?
I can whole-heartedly recommend working part-time while studying. The programme is flexible enough to allow it and if you work in a field that is related to what you want to do after graduating, it will greatly benefit your career chances.