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Pictures from an international student experience

Aline Pabst is a truly international student. The course of her studies took her from Switzerland to France, Germany and now China.

Students who sign up for the trinational BSc International Business Management are in for a truly multicultural experience. Studying in turn in France, Germany and Switzerland, taking classes in English, French and German, doing internships in any country worldwide, and working with students from all around the world is equally enriching and logistically challenging.

Add to that the opportunity to go on an exchange semester and you have a unique international experience. Aline Pabst shares with us some pictures and impressions from her international student’s life.

Studying in China

Studying in China

Photo taken in my Commercial Banking lecture during my exchange semester. The book’s text is usually copied 1:1 into the PPT. The teacher talks for the whole lecture, students never ask any questions. Teachers are highly respected in China and students stand up in order to answer the teacher’s question.

Studying together with Chinese students is a challenge. Not only because of the language, but also because of the different teaching style.



Photo taken at the Summer Palace in Beijing while travelling with a classmate (photo: Sachin Malarvady).

There’s a proverb in Chinese which says: “Read 10’000 books and travel 10’000 miles” (读万卷书,行万里路) to learn as much as possible. That’s why I use every free minute to discover new places. Apart from its modern cities and its cultural heritage, China also has a beautiful nature to offer.

Talking to locals


Photo taken at the Summer Palace in Beijing. A retired local asked me to use the brush to write down some Chinese characters (photo: Sachin Malarvady).

Speaking Chinese fluently allows me to get in touch with locals and learn more about the Chinese culture. I appreciate the exchange with people of all ages and backgrounds. It is easy to get in touch with Chinese people because they are very open, hospitable and also curious about foreign countries. 

Guangzhou Market


Photo taken in a back road of one of Guangzhou’s old quarters (photo: Bella Brymora).

I like discovering different Chinese cities, especially old streets and markets. The contrast between new and old city districts is stunning. On one side of the street there are 100-storey skyscrapers, on the other side of the street there are very simple, tumbled-down buildings.

International Events


Photo taken at the Silk Road & Young Dreams event in Beijing. More than 300 young people from over 70 countries participated and exchanged their views on the Belt and Road Initiative. There are nationals from Russia, Pakistan, China and Switzerland in the photo (photo: Mr. Wei).

Since its opening-up and reform in the 1980s, more and more foreign students pursue their studies in China. Especially, the Belt and Road Initiative attracts young people from countries along the New Silk Road. By participating in international events, I can get in touch with like-minded people, exchange ideas and my experience. 

Dragon Boat Festival


Photo taken in Guangzhou during the dragon boat race in June 2018.

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. Family’s usually get together and celebrate this festival with each other. Dragon Boat races are held especially in Southern China. There are different sizes of boats, some have up to 100 rowers. Usually, only men are allowed to participate in it, but I had the opportunity to be part of the Chebei crew, a team from Guangzhou.

BSc International Business Management in Colmar and Lörrach



Colmar and Lörrach both offer some picturesque views. The trinational area between Switzerland, France and Germany has a very distinct international feel. Also, the abundance of green spots where you can take in nature is what missed most during my time in China.