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6.10.2022 | School of Business

Royal Thai Embassy gifts books to FHNW library

The visit highlights the importance of Swiss-Thai collaboration in higher education.

On 27 September, the Ambassador of the Royal Thai Embassy to Switzerland, His Excellency Mr. Chittipat Tongprasroeth, visited the FHNW campus in Olten. The Ambassador met with representatives of the school management to informally discuss prospects of collaboration in education, research, and business between Swiss and Thai institutions.

The Ambassador enjoyed a short tour of the FHNW campus where he appreciated the modern infrastructure and the learning environment available to the students. During his stay in Olten, the Ambassador also stated that the experience brought back memories of his own time as a student.


From left to right: H.E. Mr. Chittipat Tongprasroeth, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the Swiss Confederation; Marianne Hertner, head librarian at the FHNW campus Olten; Teresa Freiburghaus, lecturer and project manager at FHNW School of Business.

The highlight of the visit came when the Ambassador presented eight books to the FHNW library. The books present and discuss various aspects of Thai culture, both historic and modern. The aim of the gifted books is to introduce FHNW students to Thailand and to foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas between Thailand and Switzerland.

The FHNW School of Business maintains strong contacts and partnerships in Thailand and the whole Southeast Asian region. Besides various partner universities facilitating student and staff exchange and mobility, FHNW students regularly visit Thailand as part of the International Student Project exploreASEAN.