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16.8.2022 | School of Business

«The Dual Degree MBA was The Right Path For Me»

Karim Milo is a graduate in molecular biology who is currently working as Medical Scientific Liaison Manager at Merck (Schweiz) AG in Zug, Switzerland. With the submission of his Master thesis earlier this year, Karim successfully completed the Dual Degree MBA FHNW Cross-Cultural Leadership / Edinburgh Business School.

Karim researched various options of further studies before deciding in favour of FHNW and Edinburgh Business School. With his scientific background he had to decide whether or not to study for a doctorate. He decided against it, saying: «I considered various topics and although I love the field of biology, I concluded that I wanted to concentrate on something else.» He made his final decision after attending an information event of the FHNW School of Business. «The Dual Degree MBA FHNW together with the Edinburgh Business School was very enticing for me.»

Classroom Concept and International Exchange

The studies in Basel were meeting Karim’s expectations, with the classroom concept being his preferred method of learning as it allows for a constant exchange with other students. However, he is convinced that: «The digitalization too is definitely very important and will be a part of the future of FHNW, and I must say that the interaction with the Edinburgh Business School worked very well and smooth. Thanks to FHNW we cooperated very closely, which proved to be very helpful indeed.» In this way, Karim could benefit from direct interaction with other students as well as from an international exchange.

Three Main Benefits

While talking about the MBA programme, Karim mentions three main benefits. Firstly, that the programme imparts a lot of new knowledge. Secondly, that it allows the students to integrate and utilise the newly acquired knowledge in practical business situations: «The new knowledge was a real breakthrough for me. My personal point of view changed in many instances.» Finally, Karim mentions the master thesis as the third relevant aspect.

Karim Milo

«It was a lot of work and a challenge, but now I really look forward to the successful implementation of the gained knowledge and skills in my company and add value. That will be a real pleasure.»

Karim Milo

The Right Path

Karim had some foundation in business from his previous education, which he says was definitely helpful doing the Dual Degree MBA. Today, he is happy about his decision on further studies. «I am a molecular biologist with a Master’s degree, but I didn’t see myself doing a PhD which would have taken four years. The Dual Degree MBA was the right path for me. I decided in favor of this accredited programme and it was really a lucky choice.»