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Research and Services / Consulting


cutting edge, connected and effective in practice

In our applied research projects, we develop solutions for Human Resources, leadership and organizational development practice together with businesses and professional associations.
We make tomorrow part of today in our research, so that we can prepare executives, HR professionals, managers and their employees for economic and social challenges before they arise, and support in addressing them.
We examine the effects of strategies, instruments and measures of Human Resources Management and leadership.
Our research is focused on development and implementation. It creates value for our partners and contributes to the development of knowledge in society.
In our research projects, we are currently answering questions and solving problems in the following varied fields:

  • Digitalization and flexibilization of work, organizations and employment
  • Demography management and the ageing workforc
  • Gender and diversity management
  • Human Resources Management in small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Retention management and people development aligned with stages of life
  • Rebranding of ICT careers
  • Compensation and Performance Management


independent, research-based and implementation-oriented

Our expertise in research and practice allows us to combine the best of both worlds in our consulting. We help our clients reach their goals using a flexible approach that leverages subject matter and process expertise, and which integrates changes on the levels of strategy, structure, culture and people within an organization. Our tailor-made solutions support HR practitioners and leaders. Our offerings include the development and implementation of HR strategies, as well as of HR and leadership instruments. We also conduct analyses, benchmark studies and employee surveys, as well as HR-Audits. In addition, we support organizational transformation processes and create bespoke in-house trainings.


Prof. Dr. Martina Zölch
Prof. Dr. Martina Zölch

Head of Institute for Human Resource Management

Telephone +41 62 957 24 78 (direct)

Social Media School of Business FHNW