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Testing centre for wood-fired heating systems

Through its activities, the accredited testing centre helps with the safe, clean and efficient operation of boilers and room heaters.

As the operator of the testing centre for wood-fired heating systems, we have the only accredited facility in Switzerland for type approval testing of boilers powered with solid materials. Please contact act us with your request.

The following services are performed as part of type testing:

  • Directly and indirectly determining the respective degree of efficiency
  • Safety testing (overheating protection, surface temperature, leak tightness)
  • Gravimetric measurement of dust/particle emissions
  • Measurement of gaseous emissions such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous gases

Emissions are evaluated in accordance with the following regulations:

  • The Swiss Clean Air Act (Switzerland)
  • Federal Pollution Control Act, level 2 (Germany)
  • Agreement in accordance with Art. 15a of the Federal Constitutional Act on placing small furnaces on the market and the inspection of furnaces and combined heat and power plants (Austria)
  • Regulations regarding the Ecodesign Directive (Europe)

The following product groups can be tested:

  • Boilers with an output up to 50 kW (EN 12809)
  • Boilers with an output up to 500 kW (EN 303-5)
  • Cookers (EN 12815)
  • Room heaters (EN 13240)
  • Fireplace and heating inserts (13229)
  • Room heaters for wood pellets (EN 14785)
  • Slow heat release appliances (EN 15250)
  • FprEN 16510 series (future room heater standard)

The testing centre is registered with the Swiss Accreditation Service under accreditation no. STS 0396. Furthermore, it is recognised by the EU Commission as Notified Body (conformity assessment body) NB 2113 in accordance with European Construction Products Regulation No. 305/2011. This guarantees EU-wide recognition of the reports issued by the testing centre. In addition, we advise national authorities with regard to drafting new legislative proposals and direct the "INB NK-176 – furnaces for solid and liquid combustibles" standards committee.


Tom Strebel
Tom Strebel

Research associate and Head of the testing laboratory for wood-fired heating systems

Telephone +41 56 202 79 16 (direct)