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Network and partners


CC Schweiz is the Swiss regional department of Carbon Composites e.V." and was chosen as a national thematic network (NTN) by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). CC Schweiz focuses on promoting the use of high-performance fibre composite technologies in Switzerland. Our institute is a founding member and co-initiator of CC Schweiz. Prof. Dr. Christian Brauner is acting President of CC Schweiz.


The Plastics Training and Technology Center (KATZ) Aarau is the polymer engineering platform in Switzerland and has been actively supported by the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland since its establishment; it is headed by our institute colleague Professor Dr. Jürg de Pietro. The centre passes on the latest, practice-oriented technical knowledge to employees and students in the field of education and continuing education; it also helps and advises companies and universities with regard to innovative projects and technology as well as applied research and development.

KATZ has an outstanding infrastructure that we make available to our clients and partners. More than 1000 participants meet at our events each year – you can benefit from this network, too!