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Thermal engineering

Experimental and computational analysis of heat transport, storage, thermodynamic processes and combustion.

The institute has extensive expertise in thermodynamics, whereby power and cooling processes are optimised using simulation and measurement technology. We analyse and optimise heat transfer and pressure losses in fluids for energy-efficient processes.

Thermal Engineering at the FHNW Institute of Thermal and Fluid Engineering

At the institute, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise to analyse, simulate and optimise heat transfer. In addition to conventional measurement methods, we use advanced measurement techniques such as heat flux probes or imaging measurement methods in the infrared range to investigate complex issues of research partners on customised test benches, e.g. investigations of various microstructured surfaces.

The applications range from optimising cooling in power semiconductors, investigating deformations and residual stresses in quenching processes to investigating heat transfer in high-precision sensors. Together with the Centre for Casting and the Materials Laboratory at the FHNW, we also analyse thermal and mechanical aspects of casting processes.

To summarise, our test benches provide realistic test environments for thermal engineering challenges. We also use thermo-mechanical-electrical simulations and optical measurement technology for detailed analyses.

Contact and cooperation

With our expertise in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, we look forward to hearing from you to develop customised solutions for your company.