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Innovative brass components

Tap manufacturer KWC joined forces with FHNW to develop innovative brass alloys so as to comply with new standards.

Innovative Messingbauteile


Alloys, material analysis, process control


Development of innovative brass alloys to meet new requirements


Franke Water Systems KWC manufactures high-quality taps for kitchens and bathrooms. New international standards and regulations require adaptation of the materials used in the casting process.


The FHNW team developed new brass alloys with the structural quality, finish and chemical durability to meet the new regulations. In collaboration with KWC, the researchers created a cast part simulation to be used as a tool for process control and process development.

Project information


Franke Water Systems KWC


FHNW Casting Centre


AFT Switzerland GmbH


2 years

Founded by

Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI

Project team

FHNW: Prof. Jörg Lagemann (Lead), Thomas Burbach, Pascal Dessarzin


KWC: Anton Flühler, Alex Fehlmann


AFT Switzerland GmbH: Rolf Rangl